ALEsraa have a methodology for blending hard work with technological development

About Us.

- Established the ALESRAA International Trading  2006 working within the distinguished companies in the use of information technology based its efforts on providing the best products and services and solutions in the various sectors (Import and Export. Public Procurement - eCommerce – eMarketing - eSale), through the development of a strong crew members of the work in this area feature spacious quote.


- Vision and Mission

company seeks the ALESRAA International Trading with the effort to create an enabling environment for the work of a successful and rapid growth to confirm the success of all of our customers and employees and businesses alike, our efforts are focused on the provision of the most developed, using the adaptation of more tools developing databases containing progress in this area to meet the challenges of the work to prove the feasibility of the partnership deal with us.



Methodology of work

that owns the ALESRAA International Trading working methodology that combines all the accuracy between advanced technology and the effective application in different areas of work. This balanced mix of providing solutions firm and strong in the coherence of each of its components to ensure improved method of work and decision-making and ensures the effective mix that we remain always at the forefront




company seeks the ALESRAA International Trading with the foreign relations of different countries between Arab countries (UAE - Saudi Arabia - Qatar) and between the States of the big industrial (China - Malaysia - Singapore - Korea) to turn these relations to a genuine partnership lifts and increase the prestige of the company to reach those goals:.

* Access to the highest possible technology in a coherent framework of action.

* The building of a trade name of the company is a great place to the local market and global levels

Through intellectual standpoint the initiative by the company now ALESRAA International Trading and encourage local industries - Egyptian products) , to these companies and factories of many costs to turn these factories for more production. It is a national defended we have as a company ALESRAA International Trading in an attempt to find ways of common cooperation with these companies and factories producing workshops have started in the establishment of the processing of the location of the electronic sale each Egyptian products (masrybs)