ALEsraa have a methodology for blending hard work with technological development

Our Services

- Import and Export:

The company is the completion of the deals of imports and exports to and from abroad for itself and the possibility of completing that others in many areas.


- Public supplies

the ALESRAA International Trading  and the and the completion of the supply deals many technological activities and respect within Egypt :  

Barcode Systems (POS) .

as well Requirements (roll cashier – roll bar code).

as well Security Systems (Cameras - Fire systems)

 as well Specialize in all types of furnishings, Linens and Sofa.

- eTrade

Company ALESRAA International Trading and electronic site (masrybs) in which sell Egyptian products.

As the company is the establishment of the processing of many of the electronic pages for trade and sale.


- eMarketing

company provides the ALESRAA International Trading itself combined numerical order of Technical and Technological Advice in the area of electronic marketing on the pages of the social communication and the completion of the many conventions with advertising company (TV media - press electronic).

Through intellectual standpoint the initiative by the company now ALESRAA International Trading and encourage local industries - Egyptian products) , to these companies and factories of many costs to turn these factories for more production. It is a national defended we have as a company ALESRAA International Trading in an attempt to find ways of common cooperation with these companies and factories producing workshops have started in the establishment of the processing of the location of the electronic sale each Egyptian products (masrybs)